Artist Statement


Earth Connections

The biggest influence for the Earth Connections exhibition came when my new dog, Sadie, arrived a couple of years ago and she had to be walked twice daily. Eventually, I found a wonderful wooded area in Hershey Park for our walks that continues to be inspiring. What an incredible place to lift the spirit, de-stress and gather ideas for new paintings. Not only did the trees, vines and filtered light leave a lasting impression, but patterns left on the trail after a heavy rain provided more ideas.

In the park I could also imagine flying over for a different view as I watched the hawks and blue herons leave the water's edge. There was an opposite view too, an "ant's eye view", that produced more introspection.

Accustomed to working with shapes and color, to create a feeling of movement, this time the plethora of vines really had its impact and that meant line, color would be predominant here. In this series I focused on moving from a detailed line motif to a more simplified and softer abstraction to express the peaceful yet mysterious feeling.

There is a bit of the "unknown" in walking through the woods and there begins the adventure to take a closer look.