About Margaret Dobbins

Margaret Dobbins, a native of Texas, excelled in art at an early age. Wandering through museums as a young child, she developed a great appreciation for the career of an artist. She began her formal study early and culminating in a Bachelors degree in Art. With over thirty years of experience, she has been able to create art that has powerful depth and movement, yet contains soothing energy.

Dobbins' influences include many forms of art expression: music, color, movement and nature. She always paints to music in order to set the mood while exploring the relationships of color and shape. She spends a great deal of time in the outdoors for inspiration, exploration and regeneration. Furthermore, she works in abstract expressionism as well as realism.

An award-winning artist and Hunting Art Prize Finalist in 2007, 2009, and 2011, she has held many one-woman shows, and has works in numerous corporate and private collections both in the United States and abroad. Currently she is working on a series of large canvases and has just published her first series of giclee prints.

Margaret Dobbins

E-mail: msdobbins@peoplepc.com